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Billericay Lawn Tennis Club

General Court Booking Guidelines

Use of Clay Courts

1. The courts are reserved for club play or coaching at the following times:-

2. If courts have not been booked, outside of the reserved times above, club members can use the courts on a “first come, first served” basis.  Note: Adult members have priority over junior members at all times.

3. Visitors, including junior parents who are non-members, can use the courts with a member present, upon payment of a £5 visitor fee and completion of the visitor’s book in reception area of the main club. All visitors must be signed in by a member or a coach.

4. Planning restrictions mean that court lights will automatically switch off at 10-30pm, irrespective of any money left on the meter. Note: Emergency lighting is provided for 7 minutes to enable you to leave the courts.

5. The gate at the entrance to the courts will be locked via a padlock. The key for the padlock is on the light key in the clubhouse behind the bar. There is also a key on the noticeboard in the lobby. The padlock and gate should be locked again after play has finished or at 10-30pm.

6. Inter-club matches should not be played on the clay courts, unless, at the time the match is due to start there are 2 courts that have not been booked. Please note the 10-30pm cut-off for the lights if you are playing matches in the evenings i.e. the clay courts cannot be booked for matches in advance

7. Adult members can book the courts for their own lessons with a club coach in the usual way above.

8. Coaches cannot book the clay courts for coaching. Coaches can use the clay courts for coaching, outside of the reserved times above, provided that the courts have not been booked by other members. Coaches should retrospectively book any clay courts used to track their court usage.

9. It is the responsibility of the incoming player/s to drag the courts. You may want, as a courtesy to others, to drag the courts at the end of your session.

10. Un-Booking courts. Members should cancel any court bookings made on the system where the booking is no longer required. This applies even on the day if they decide to use a non-clay court. This will free up the clay courts up for other members to book.

Billericay Lawn Tennis Club has a web based online court booking system .  

Booking Courts

Click on the  Online Court Booking System   picture to access the court booking system. You can view court bookings without signing in but you must sign in to book a court. Remember to sign out when you have finished.

If you have not received your user name and password for logging into the online court booking system , contact the Membership Secretary.