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British Tennis Membership is offered and operated by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), the governing body of the sport in the UK.

British Tennis Membership & Wimbledon Tickets

Please Note: The ballot for Wimbledon tickets is no longer organised by the tennis club, it is run by the LTA.

The LTA encourages all tennis club members to sign up to British Tennis Membership (BTM) and affiliate their membership with their local club. One of the main benefits of having British Tennis Membership is that you can be included in the LTA ballot for Wimbledon tickets. You must be affiliated to Billericay Lawn Tennis Club to be included in the ballot. Clubs and individuals also benefit in other ways as a result of the number of BTM’s at the club.

All Billericay members are eligible to become British Tennis Members, including social and holding members. Existing BTM members should login to their account to confirm their contact details are up to date.


If you do not have  British Tennis Membership please visit the LTA website and register for British Tennis Membership. The more BTMs affiliated to the tennis club the more Wimbledon tickets are allocated to the tennis club. You can apply online here  British Tennis Membership

If you already have British Tennis Membership but are affiliated to another club you must change your affiliation to Billericay Lawn Tennis Club to participate in the ballot for Wimbledon tickets.

The ballot for Wimbledon tickets is no longer organised by the tennis club, it is run by the LTA. All clubs are asked to verify their membership against the British Tennis Membership (BTM) database and encourage members to sign up. In addition, all BTM members must opt-in to the Wimbledon ballot in order to be included. The more members that opt-in the more pairs of tickets the club will be allocated in the initial ballot.

By opting-in to the ballot it does not oblige you to buy Wimbledon tickets if you are lucky enough to be allocated tickets. Billericay Lawn Tennis Club will be allocated its Wimbledon tickets based on the number of BTM members affiliated to Billericay LTC and who have opted-in.  The ballot will be open to all Billericay Lawn Tennis Club members, aged 9 or over, who have opted-in to the ballot at least 24 hours before the ballot date.

It is important to note that in the case of families, each family member has their own BTM number so please check that all members’ details are up to date and each has opted-in to the ballot.

The tennis club will be happy to advise but it is your responsibility to obtain your British Tennis Membership Number at the LTA website and link it to Billericay Lawn Tennis Club.